New Music In A Surfing Documentary

A couple months ago, I got an email from director Michael Cochran asking if he could use a couple songs of mine in a surf documentary called “Within Reach” he was making. One of the songs he wanted to use was a song called “I Waited All Week” that I put on Myspace forever ago, but took down after about a month because I wanted to save it for something else. Unbelievable that something from over 10 years ago resurfaced in this way. I jumped at the chance being a lover of surf films and it premiered today on It’s a beautifully shot film about pro surfer Josh Mulcoy’s dedication and devotion to his true self and how surfing in Alaska has played in to that. What a legend! Not only that, a photo taken on the trip is used for the new cover of Surfer Magazine. Anyway, it seemed like a good time to put that song out for anyone that wants it. You can listen to and download “I Waited All Week” HERE. Thanks for the opportunity Michael!


  1. Hello Doug, congrats on your music.
    When watching the surf film, the track of yours I really like is called “There Are Days”. I tracked it down on Spotify but it doesn’t play. Can you advise where I can listen to this track again? Thankyou., Michael

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